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FraudGuard-Preventing Check Fraud

If you write checks, this is another line of defense in avoiding fraud. CNB utilizes software called FraudGuard to review all CNB checks processed through our bank, building a history of check stock, signatures and check sequence each time a check comes through.

How FraudGuard works:

  • 1. It closely examines the signature on each check to see if it looks similar to other signatures that have been cleared through our system to verify it's a legitimate signer on that account.
  • 2. It closely looks at all printed fields on the face of the check to make sure their placement and size match the legitimate check for each account.
FraudGuard scores each check and if an item doesn't pass it is researched to be sure it isn't fraudulent. This enables us to avoid fraud before any money is compromised.

Watch the video to learn more!