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Online Banking FAQs

General questions about CNB Online Banking are addressed here. For answers to technical questions view our troubleshooting guide.

What types of accounts can I access through CNB Online Banking?
You can access all of your Citizens National Bank accounts, except credit card accounts. To review credit card information, sign up for Online Card Management here.
Is there a fee for using CNB Online Banking?
CNB Online Banking is provided as a free service for customers of Citizens National Bank.
How do I sign up to use CNB Online Banking?
If you are a current Citizens National Bank customer, you can log on right now! Click here for instructions.
How current is the information?
The available balance for checking and savings accounts is real-time and will change throughout the day based on your activity. All other account information such as loan and certificate balances are current as of the end of day processing from the night before.
When will my transfers take place?
Generally, transfers made prior to 6:00 PM EST on regular business days will be credited that same day. Transfers made after 6:00 PM EST will be credited on the next regular business day. If you would like immediate availability of funds use "Advanced Express Transfer" vs "Transfers-scheduled".
Are there limits to the number of transfers I can make?
Some accounts, such as checking accounts, have no limits as to the number of transfers you can make. However, many savings accounts, by Federal Regulation, are allowed no more than six transfers per month. If you are unsure whether your account has the restriction please check with an account representative.
Can I change my password?
Yes. You can change your password online by clicking "Profile", then Password/Edit.
I typed my username and password correctly but it is not logging me in to Online Banking.
For security purposes you must log in to Online Banking at least once every 90 days or your access will be denied. If this happens, simply re-enroll as a new user by clicking the New User Sign Up link under the Online Banking Login on the homepage. Also, try typing in the website address in your browser instead of using a favorite.
If I sign up for CNB Online Banking will I still receive a statement in the mail?
If you wish, you will continue to receive your scheduled statements by mail as usual. However, many CNB Online Banking users prefer viewing their statements online. We call this convenient and popular service "eStatements". Your eStatement looks exactly like the statement you receive in the mail. To learn more about the benefits of eStatements click here.
Do I have to own a computer to use CNB Online Banking?
No. You can access your accounts from any computer with Internet access - at work, at school, in public libraries, at friends' or relatives' homes, even overseas.
What browser should I use to access CNB Online Banking?

We require that you use an Internet browser that supports 128-bit encryption. Either Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari 7.0 & 8.0.

For Online For Business Users
Internet Explorer version 9 has some display issues with using it with Online For Business. This is resolved if you enable Compatibility View on the workstation. For more information on enabling Compatibility View, refer to the Microsoft Support article or you may call Online for Business Support at 1-800-262-4663 extension 456.
How should I set up my monitor for best viewing results?

CNB Online Banking is best viewed with 16-bit color (high color) at a minimum of 800x600 resolution.

  1. Go to START at bottom left of screen.
  2. Go to SETTINGS.
  4. Click DISPLAY.
  5. Click the SETTINGS tab. Select your screen resolution (800x600) and color settings (16-bit).
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CNB Bill Payment

Can I pay off a loan through CNB Bill Payment?
No. It is not possible to pay off a loan online. Please contact your local office to complete this transaction.
Can I use multiple checking accounts to pay bills through CNB Bill Payment?
Yes. There is a dropdown list at the top of the Payment Center. Select the payees you want to pay from one checking account and submit the payments. Then choose the second checking account you wish to make a payment from in the dropdown list, select payees and submit again.
Is there an easy way to keep track of which payees I pay with which account through CNB Bill Payment?
Yes. CNB Bill Payment offers a nickname feature. Go to "Manage My Bills" and choose the payee. Select "Update Bill Information" and add a nickname to the biller. The nickname can be anything you choose. For instance, you can create a FARM ACCOUNT nickname so you know to pay that payee from your farm checking account.
I click on CNB Bill Payment and nothing happens, what is going on?
There may be many customers trying to access the system at one time. Wait a few minutes for it to load.
I made a payment and it came out of the wrong checking account. How can I correct it?
You need to designate which checking account you want to use for which bills by selecting it in the dropdown menu on the Payment Center before you select your payee. You can easily transfer funds from one checking to the other with an internal transfer through Online Banking in order to cover your payment if it was paid out of the wrong account.
All of my payees are not showing up, what should I do?
For questions regarding adding a new payee, contact the CNB Bill Payment support line at 877-242-6934.
Why is the debit not showing on my checking account?
Your scheduled payment will show as a debit on your account the following morning if it was processed as an (ACH) Electronic Payment. If it was sent as a Draft Check then the debit on your account will show when the vendor has processed your payment and the check has been processed. If you have questions regarding the payments process, please call 877-242-6934.
I had an automatic payment set up and it did not get paid. What should I do?
Contact the CNB Bill Payment support line at 877-242-6934 for assistance in getting your automatic payment set up properly.
I tried to update my email address and it did not allow it. Who should I contact?
Call your local office and ask for the Operations Manager. He will update it for you.
I tried to set up a payment and it asked if I wanted to pay an overnight fee of $14.95. Why did it do that?
CNB Bill Payment allows a customer to have a bill sent via overnight mail if they need to. When you select a payee, the system defaults in the first available payment date as four days from the day you set it up. If you change that payment date to one less than four days in the future, it will ask if you want it sent via overnight mail for a fee of $14.95. If you select yes, the fee will be assessed. To avoid this, be sure to schedule all payments at least four days in advance of their due date.
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CNB Bill Payment FAQs

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