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Be Positively Sure You’re Doing All You Can to Prevent Fraud

ACH Positive Pay Now Available from CNB

While Check Positive Pay is something Citizens National Bank has offered for a few years now, customers who make a lot of electronic payments were also concerned about the potential for fraud. Enter ACH Positive Pay. Introduced in late 2019, this service provides peace of mind for our customers who wish to review their ACH payments daily and have the opportunity to return them as soon as possible if something doesn’t look right. Like Check Positive Pay, this service integrates into our Online for Business package, allowing you easy access from within that site to view the ACH transactions. They can be scrutinized against authorization rules you determine to decide if they will be automatically approved or marked for exception for further review. You can even set up email or text notifications to be alerted when you need to review the exceptions before the required cutoff times. “Check Positive Pay has been an invaluable service for many of our customers, preventing check fraud and alerting them to issues with their accounts,” states VP Treasury Management, Amy Yochum. “We really look for ACH Positive Pay to have that same type of impact, providing our customers the ability to detect electronic payment issues as soon as possible in order to mitigate any losses. We are excited to offer both products to our customers, reinforcing our commitment to keeping their accounts as safe as possible.”

Learn more about either Check Positive Pay or ACH Positive Pay or contact a business banking officer at any of our office locations to get enrolled.

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