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Feasel’s Garden Center Continues to Grow

Twelve years ago when Greg and Joyce Feasel purchased a garden center, they had big dreams to expand it to much more. In addition to the nursery, they added a gorgeous gift shop, outdoor statuary and even a wine shop. When COVID-19 hit in 2020, they weren’t sure how they would continue their growth as everything shut down. “I knew if we didn’t order our plants, we wouldn’t have them available for our customers. But I didn’t know if we would be able to open to sell them. I took a leap of faith and ordered them and luckily was able to open up,” comments Greg. Not only did they sell those, they actually had a record year for selling all their garden items, and a huge increase in wine sales. People had an increased interest in gardening with the lockdown last year and that appears to have continued into 2021. Greg credits Citizens National Bank’s Matt Wood with helping him navigate the uncertain year. “Matt was able to help facilitate the Paycheck Protection Program funds which allowed us to keep paying employees. He’s been there every step of the way as we’ve expanded our business. We thought it would be really difficult to switch all our accounts to another bank, but CNB made it really easy – almost a non-event. And we’ve even moved our personal accounts now as well.”

As the Feasel’s looked ahead to this year they noted how well the wine, craft beer and Amish goods they sell had gone over. They’ve decided to expand even further into offering a restaurant on-site. Greg discussed how his current business now reflects his life passions – landscaping and cooking. “Joyce and I are so excited to see how our dream will continue to grow as we begin this new venture. The convenience of banking with Citizens National Bank has allowed me to do more things here at Feasel’s that I truly enjoy doing, which is opening our new restaurant and our winery.”

As Matt works with the Feasel’s he’s impressed with their vision to keep growing their business into new areas and their hard work. “We support their business through products such as their line of credit which helps them with their cash flow. And through our online services such as bill payment, we’re able to help them keep growing, and that’s what it’s all about,” says Matt.

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