Leasing is a cost-effective and practical means of obtaining equipment while offering several advantages!

From one-person operations to Fortune 100 corporations to cities and farmers, a lease from Citizens National Bank can help your business grow. We offer flexible term options. You may choose annual, bi-annual, quarterly or monthly payments.


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Leasing is Flexible, Practical, and Cost Effective


A lease provides the use of equipment for a specific period of time at fixed rental payments. Leasing allows you to be more flexible in the management of your equipment.


By leasing, you transfer the uncertainties and risks of equipment ownership to the lessor, which allows you to concentrate on using that equipment as a productive part of your business.

Cost Effective

Equipment is costly and some of the costs are unexpected. When you lease, your risk of getting caught with obsolete equipment is lower because you can upgrade or add equipment to best meet your needs.


  • Leasing has tax advantages
  • Leasing helps conserve operating capital
  • Leasing keeps lines of credit open
  • Leasing helps avoid costly down payments
  • Leasing helps better manage your balance sheet

*Consult a tax advisor


  • Agriculture - Grain bins, equipment, barns.
  • Medical/Dental - Technology, equipment.
  • Municipal - Vehicles, heavy equipment, fire engines, etc.
  • Schools - Computer labs, small buses, technology.

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