Meet Our Springfield Office Commercial Lenders

Head shot of Gary Lantz

Gary Lantz

SVP Commercial/Ag Lending

Phone: (937) 629-3575, ext. 392


Head shot of Gregg Drury

Gregg Drury

VP Business Banking Officer

Phone: (937) 629-3575, ext. 395



Head shot of Cindy Westfall

Cindy Westfall

VP Commercial/Ag Lending

Phone: (937) 629-3575, ext. 396



"Community banks strive to support local startups - funding more than 60% of small businesses and more than 80% of agricultural loan startups. When you invest in your community bank you're investing in your local community."

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Keep on Truckin'
Featuring:Jamey Popp


Making Dreams a Reality
Featuring:Ted VanRaay, VanRaay Dairy Farm





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