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Great Relationships Grow Healthy Smiles

Grand Lake Family Dentistry

When Travis Lutz of Grand Lake Family Dentistry decided to become a dentist, he had no idea the impact he would eventually make on his home community. “I just knew I wanted to help people,” states Lutz. “My best friend’s brother was a dentist and I saw he had what I wanted – a way to help people, a great family, a good income… My best friend and I both became dentists and I came back here.” When the opportunity became available to begin his practice in his hometown of St. Mary’s, Ohio, he was happy to return home to plant his roots. Travis sought financing from Citizens National Bank and began a relationship with his banker, Chris Dippold, that has grown over almost 20 years. “Over the course of the time I’ve known Travis, he’s purchased two practices, built a third, and added on to his own home. When he started he had five staff members, and now he has almost 30. It’s a pleasure to work with Travis. He thinks big,” states Chris.

Travis and his wife, Paula, have eight children and their first grandchild, so they’re super busy. They rely on Chris to find ways to simplify their banking. “Chris has come up with ways to lower payments for us and ideas to keep our cash flow going. I can discuss future projects with him and he makes suggestions to make things easier for us,” says Travis. One way CNB makes their business banking easier is the online banking service, which allows the Lutz’s to view their accounts, pay bills and make transfers even at night. Another is the ability to direct deposit their employee’s payrolls so they don’t have to cut checks.

“If you break down everything CNB has done for me it’s supporting my vision – whether personally or professionally,” says Travis. With three of his children on their way to becoming dentists themselves, Lutz’s dream is to have his kids be part of his practice someday. “I know CNB will be there for them like they’ve been there for me.”

“When I think of Travis and Paula,” says Chris, “I think of family and growth. It’s an absolute pleasure working with them and helping them grow their business. That’s the best part of my job.”

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