Due to security and fraud concerns, we will not approve purchases made from the following countries using your Debit Card.

If you will be traveling in these countries and would like to use your Debit Card, please notify our customer care center with the dates and places you will be traveling so we can place you on an exception list.

These countries are currently blocked for
CNB Visa® Debit Card purchases


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  • Albania
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Azerbaijan


  • Bahrain
  • Belarus
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria


  • Cameroon
  • Canada
  • Cayman Islands
  • Central African Republic
  • China
  • Colombia
  • Cook Islands
  • Costa Rica
  • Croatia
  • Cuba
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic


  • Egypt
  • Estonia


  • France


  • Georgia
  • Germany
  • Guyana


  • Hong Kong


  • Iceland
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Israel


  • Jamaica


  • Kazakhstan
  • Korea, Republic of
  • Kyrgyzstan


  • Latvia
  • Lebanon
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg


  • Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of
  • Malawi
  • Malaysia
  • Malta
  • Mauritius
  • Mexico
  • Moldova, Republic of


  • Netherlands
  • Niger
  • Nigeria


  • Panama
  • Philippines


  • Romania
  • Russian Federation
  • Rwanda


  • Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Serbia, Republic of
  • Sierra Leone
  • Singapore
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland


  • Taiwan
  • Tajikistan
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • Turkmenistan


  • Ukraine
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • Uzbekistan


  • Zimbabwe


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