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Head shot of Andrew Rager

Andrew Rager

VP Loan Originator

NMLS# 554353

Phone: (419) 358-8060, ext. 154


Andrew Rager & Dan Stratton

Dan and Ashley Stratton

Having lived and worked in Cincinnati, Dan and Ashley Stratton had decided to move back to their hometown, Bluffton, OH, to raise their family. Unable to find a home right away, they chose to rent for a while, but when a home became available that was being sold by a trusted family friend, they felt they needed to take advantage of the opportunity. Never having owned a home before, they had a ton of questions and they knew they wanted to work with someone who would guide them through the process. One of their friends referred them to Andrew Rager, Loan Originator at Citizens National Bank’s Bluffton Office. “We had no idea where to begin,” states Dan. “We had an idea of what our range would be, but didn’t really know what price was realistic for our budget, and we had many questions about the process. Andrew really made it easy, explaining everything to us step by step and walking us through the financials to know what we could afford.”

Andrew explains his first role with first-time homebuyers is to help them understand what all the terms mean and help them feel comfortable with the application process. “A lot of the questions I get are the same ones Dan had; ‘What does the bank need from me?’, ‘How much am I approved for?’, ‘How quick is the purchasing process?’. Basically they’ll say “Tell me what I don’t know about this process.” Sometimes the questions aren’t even related to the mortgage itself. It might be someone is moving to a rural location and they want to know about getting an internet provider or some questions they should ask the realtor about the home inspection. “I try to help them in any way I can to make the process as smooth as possible,” states Andrew.

Dan appreciated Andrew’s patience with his questions and said he was always available by phone or email with an answer. They also utilized CNB’s online mortgage portal which provides the ability to apply online and track the process of where the mortgage is from application to the appraisal to the closing. They completed the loan in about 30 days, which according to Andrew is pretty average for CNB. “It was really an excellent experience,” states Dan. Because they were so satisfied with their relationship with Andrew, Dan and Ashley decided to open their checking and savings accounts with CNB as well and said that’s also been a smooth transition. “We’ve been able to streamline all our financials in one bank which is nice. And if we ever decide to purchase another home we’ll come straight to Andrew to do this again.”


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