Health Savings Accounts (HSA's) combine with high deductible health plans to create a cost-saving medical plan.

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HSA owners can contribute money tax-free up to certain maximums per year and may use checks or a debit card to pay for many medical expenses not normally covered by traditional health plans.

We also offer a premium account with higher interest rates for accounts with balances of $5000 or more.
Note: You may not apply for a Premium account online. Contact us for more information.

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Enhanced Security
Chip Cards

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  • Lower premium costs
  • Tax-free contributions and earnings*
  • The ability to rollover funds year to year, accumulating interest
  • No use-it-or-lose-it stipulations
  • Portability to maintain your HSA even if you change jobs or insurance provider
  • Interest on all balances $1.00 or more

*Consult Tax Advisor

Looking to earn interest?

Ask about our Automatic Savings Account which allows you to set up automatic transfers to your savings and offers a great 6 month intro rate.

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