Account Alerts - Receive by Text, Push or Email

Choose what you want to be alerted about, how you want to receive your alerts (email, text, and push notifications), and where you receive your alerts (mobile device and email).

Alerts are delivered in real-time allowing you to stay on top of your finances and have peace of mind.


Notifi Alerts for Retail Online, Know what's happening with your finances, the moment it happens. Click here to watch a video demonstrating account alerts and notifications. Notifi Alerts for Retail Online Video

Know what's happening with your
finances, the moment it happens.

Watch our Video Tutorial.

It's simple to enroll:

  1. Click the Alerts button in Online Banking.
  2. Choose Alert Options.
  3. Choose which alert you want to enroll in from the dropdown of each category.
  4. Select if you want the alert sent to your email, mobile phone, secure inbox or as an app notification, and Save.


If you're unsure which alerts might be most helpful, we recommend enrolling in these first.

  • BALANCE - Account balance below threshold
    Be notified when your account balance falls below the amount you choose.
  • TRANSACTION - Deposit was credited to an account
    Be notified every time your account receives a deposit, such as when you get paid.
  • TRANSACTION - Recent transactions
    Review all transactions from your account for the past 72 hours. Schedule the alert to be sent one or multiple days a week. This alert is recommended for email distribution for easiest reading. Text alerts will not provide the transaction information.
  • TRANSACTION - Card transaction over threshold amount
    Set an upper threshold to easily track larger transactions completed with your debit card and help monitor fraud.
  • LOANS - Loan payment due at billing
    Receive a reminder when an upcoming payment is due on an account.

We've created a comparison list to help you match up your old alerts with what equivalents might be in the new system.


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