“As a young college student, I didn’t even know if it was possible to purchase a home but I felt like that should be my next step,” says Delaney Eyanson. After accepting her first professional job as she was finishing up her bachelor’s degree, Delaney was excited to begin the next chapter of her life by purchasing a home. Being originally from Van Wert and wanting to stay in the area, she began her search and turned to Mitch Price, mortgage lender at CNB, to find out how much house she could afford. According to Mitch, “Delaney came in and I walked her through the pre-approval process. This allowed her to know how large of a loan she could qualify for so she knew what houses she should consider. Likewise, in today’s market, houses are moving quickly, so by being pre-approved she could put an offer in to a realtor and be confident in it being considered. We encourage everyone who’s looking for a home to complete the pre-approval process first. Sellers look for that to be confident in the credit worthiness of the potential home buyer.”

Delaney began her home-buying search and was excited to find the one she wanted right in Van Wert. “When I walked in, it just felt like home,” says Delaney. Having been pre-approved already made the loan process easy. A bonus was qualifying for a grant through the Welcome Home program. “Upon reviewing Delaney’s application, I realized she would qualify for the Welcome Home program, which offered up to $10,000 in grant funds towards the purchase of a home for those in certain income brackets. The timing just worked out as these funds were only available for a brief time in March.” Delaney didn’t have a huge amount of money set aside for a down payment so the Welcome Home funds really sweetened the deal for her.

Delaney has settled into her new job and her new home and looks forward to seeing where her future takes her. “I’m really happy I was able to purchase this home and put down roots. Thanks to Mitch for making the process so easy.”

Welcome Home funds will be available once again beginning in July. Anyone wishing to apply for the grant must have a purchase agreement. Funds are limited.

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