According to the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) there are many benefits to you as the employer to paying your employees via direct deposit including: cost savings, reduced risk of check fraud or stolen checks, greater control over payroll, timely payment of salary checks, even when employees are away, and reduced bookkeeping because of immediate payments into employee accounts (no delays in cashing). Direct deposit is easy to set up through Citizens National Bank's Online for Business product and makes paying your employees much simpler from an operations standpoint.

But what do you do if your employees don't have a checking account at a bank to direct deposit their pay to?

Sometimes employees may have trouble qualifying for a traditional checking account due to poor credit history. In such cases, it used to be a paper check was your only option. However, now with prepaid reloadable cards available through CNB you can direct deposit an employee's pay to a Visa debit card. This will allow them access to their funds through an ATM or to use directly at a retail store or online and you still get the cost savings of not having to cut a check. Since there is no credit check required, anyone can qualify to have a prepaid reloadable card. There's no monthly fee for the employee as long as they have their direct deposit tied to the card. In addition to their payroll, employees may also load cash to their cards at a local CNB branch or add funds at any Western Union location or online through a credit card.

Requirements to Direct Deposit Prepaid Reloadable Cards

Each card costs $5.50. You may choose to purchase the card for your employee or pass that cost on to them. To take advantage of Direct Deposit, you must be enrolled in an Online for Business package that allows for ACH transactions. Speak to a Treasury Management representative to determine which package is right for your business -


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