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Eric K. Faulkner

So far, 2019 has been a year of challenges. Local and national businesses have been challenged to adapt to a tight labor market, cybersecurity threats, the impact of tariffs and many other obstacles. Our local farmers were largely impacted by the extremely wet weather earlier this summer and continue to deal with challenging commodity prices. To add to these challenges, the global economy continues to show signs of weakness with many economists forecasting a recession as early as 2020.

As bankers we also have seen challenges this year including tightening margins and a roller coaster year for U.S. bank stocks. We face new competition for bank services from non-banks, such as Apple and Amazon. And we saw the first Federal Funds rate reduction since 2008. I am proud to say we have managed our way through these and continue to rank as one of the highest performing and most stable financial institutions in the state.

Challenges and times of prosperity come and go. What's important is how well we manage through the difficult periods and implement solutions to help. I want to encourage you to discuss your challenges with your banker and see how we can help. Not currently a CNB client? That's OK, our entire team is dedicated to finding solutions and new product offerings for our customers and prospects to help them strengthen and grow their businesses. Our technology allows you to bank from anywhere and we are continuing to develop new solutions to help you navigate today's business and agricultural environments.

At the end of the day, our people make the difference. Our current customers comment on the friendly relationships they hold with their CNB banker and how much they appreciate the time they take to get to know their business. Contact us today so we can learn more about yours.


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