Many of the activities you normally would have had your kids involved in this summer may be canceled or being handled virtually. This means a lot more time at home for the kiddos and a lot less time for you to get things done during the day. Here are a few budget-friendly activities to keep your kids occupied and maybe give you a few minutes in the day to breathe.

  1. Watch a Nature Cam - Many universities and conservatories all over the world have nature cams set up that will allow your kids a fun and educational way to learn. Check out Africam or HD on Tap.
  2. Backyard Camping - Set up a tent in your backyard and let your kids sleep outside, or even just use it as a playhouse during the day. Their imagination is the limit.
  3. Make a Giant Canvas Painting - If you have an old sheet, spread it out on the grass, buy some acrylic paint, and let your kids loose to create their own masterpiece.
  4. Play with Tinfoil - Tinfoil is a cheap way to provide loads of fun activities - they could create a "river" outside by rolling out a long section of tinfoil and turning up the sides. Use a water hose to pour water down the length of the river and even make boats from the foil to race. Or use the tinfoil to make a road for play cars. Or use it as a canvas to paint directly on for a cool metallic look.
  5. Head to the Library - Most libraries have summer reading programs where kids can earn prizes or do fun activities. And if they're reading, that means you have a few minutes to catch up on some reading of your own!


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