Citizens National Bank has programs in place to review your debit card transactions so you feel secure about using your debit card. If something does appear suspicious, we now have a system that will immediately send you a text message requesting verification that it is a valid transaction. If it was, you simply need to reply YES to the text. Once this message is sent, the merchant can rerun the transaction to complete your purchase. If the transaction is fraudulent, reply NO to the text. You will receive a text message with the phone number to call the card customer care center. Until you contact the bank, the card is immediately blocked and no other debit transactions can be completed.

Since the program is text-based, it's imperative we have your correct cell phone number on file. Please contact your local CNB office if you've gotten a new number or changed numbers since opening your account. If your card is compromised, stop by a CNB office during business hours to receive a new card and use within minutes.


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