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It's an unfortunate reality that fraudsters remain relentless in times of crisis. It's imperative to be on alert for possible warning signs that you or your business are being targeted. The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network recently released an advisory (pdf) regarding pandemic-related imposter scams. Here are some red flags to watch for:

  • Contact by an alleged government representative for the purpose of verifying, processing, or expediting an economic impact payment.
  • Receipt of what seems to be a check or prepaid debit card from the US Treasury, but has suspicious characteristics. For instance, the stimulus check may be smaller than expected or recipients may be given an email or phone number to contact where they are then asked to confirm their personal information, purportedly to get the rest of the benefit.
  • Official-looking correspondence from email addresses that don't match the name of the sender or use ".com" or ".biz" instead of ".gov" or ".mil," which are official government domains.


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