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2023 Crop Insurance – What You Need to Know

While there aren’t a lot of crop insurance changes this year, the updates are positive. Jason Williamson of Williamson Insurance Agency recently sat down with us to outline the 3 things farmers should be aware of this year.

  • You can now plant soybeans beginning April 15 and qualify for re-plant coverage. It was previously April 24, so this opens a new window of time allowing you to plant earlier if we see warm weather in early spring.
  • You now have the option to insure double-crop soybeans. Other counties near Lake Erie and south of I-70 had this option previously but Midwest Ohio did not. It should be noted it’s not required, just available.
  • Trend line yields by county increased quite a bit from last year. For example, Allen County yields for corn increased from 171.8 to 177 bu/acre. This is good news for those insurance policies that base payments on county yield numbers versus individual farm yields.

Check out Jason’s full video on our YouTube channel.

Important Dates to Note

  • March 15 – Final day to add/change/cancel coverage for soybeans and corn
  • July 15 – Corn and soybean acreage reports due
  • September 30 – Final day to add/change/cancel coverage for wheat
  • December 15 – Wheat acreage reports due
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