Savings Accounts that are tailored to fit your goals.

We want to make it easy for you to save by offering Direct Deposit (automatic transfers from your checking to savings)
and Online Banking to let you view your accounts at any time.

A man holding two piggy banks

Savings Comparison

Compare and choose the best savings solution that fits your saving goal.

Father holding his son

Personal Savings

A savings account that offers flexibility for anyone who wants to start saving today.

Plants growing out of stacks of coins

Money Market Account

A perfect savings option for an emergency fund with easy access in-person or online.

Goal-Based Savings

Separate your savings for a specific goal, such as a vacation or paying for college.


Hand using a calculator

Savings Calculators

Map out how to achieve your savings goals with these easy to use tools.

Female student resting on books

Student Savings

Start saving for your college education today.


Hands holding golden egg inside a nest

Certificates of Deposit

Open your CD account today for as little as $500.


Looking to earn interest while still having access to your funds?

At CNB, we offer both traditional and accounts through IntraFi Network that provided higher limits of FDIC insurance.

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