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Online Banking Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about Online Banking and the features within.

How do I use the features within Online Banking?

  1. Log in to Online Banking.
  2. Select account.
  3. Click the Documents tab.
  4. Select the document type and click Submit.
  5. Available statement links (up to the past 18 months) will appear. Open the document to download or print.
  1. Click the Bill Payment tab.
  2. Enter the required email address and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  1. Click the Alerts button in Online Banking.
  2. Choose Alert Options.
  3. Choose which alert you want to enroll in from the dropdown menu of each category.
  4. Select if you want the alert sent to your email, mobile phone, secure inbox, or as an app notification, and click Save.
  1. Click the Credit Score ad on the right-hand side of the home page.
  2. First-time users need to enroll.
  3. From here you can view your current credit score and access info regarding your credit report.

How do I enroll in Zelle®?

  1. Enroll in Bill Payment.
  2. Accept the Terms on the Zelle® tab to activate your account.

How do I send Money to Individuals or Businesses?

  1. Send to the recipient’s email or mobile phone.
  2. The recipient gets notified to deposit their money.
  3. The money goes directly into their bank account.

How do I receive Money from Individuals or Businesses?

  1. Request money from an individual or group.
  2. They get notified to pay the request.
  3. Money goes into your account automatically.

The link in Online Banking will direct you to the Deluxe ordering site. If your account includes free checks, you must order through your local office Customer Service Representative.

Your CNB Visa® credit card will show up underneath your other accounts in Online Banking, in a section named Credit Card. The card number hyperlinks to the online access plus website if you want to see more info or make a payment. This is not available in the mobile banking app.

You may also log in directly to credit card online access here.

TransferNow is an easy and secure way to transfer funds from another bank into your CNB account.

  1. Log into Online Banking.
  2. Click the Transfers tab.
  3. Click the External Transfers button.
  4. Designate an account from another bank to transfer funds from.
  5. Designate your CNB checking or savings to transfer funds to.

Yes! You can apply for your mortgage or open a new credit card when logged in to Online Banking.

Online Banking

Banking at your finger tips! Log in to quickly see your account balance and manage your finances.

Online Banking Frequently Asked Questions

Note: If a CNB Customer Service Representative completed the sign-up procedures for your account, skip to the Current User directions below.

New Users:

Contact your local CNB office or chat online for your temporary PIN.
CLICK HERE to set up your Online Banking. Follow online instructions for account setup.

Current Users:

Click the Online Banking drop-down menu on the top right of the CNB website.
Enter your username and password, and Click Sign In.

You must log in at least every 90 days to keep your account active.

If it has been more than 90 days since you logged in, simply re-enroll as a new user. Click the Create an Account link under the Online Banking login on the homepage.

You will be required to change your password every 6 months.

You can change your password at any time by logging in to online banking and clicking Profile – Password – Edit.

Challenge Questions will be asked if CNB does not recognize the device you are logging in on, or if you are in an unusual geographic location.

Only register personal computers that you frequently use.

You can access all of your CNB accounts within Online Banking.

The available balance for checking and savings accounts is in real-time and will change throughout the day based on your activity. All other account information such as loan and certificate balances are current as of the end of day processing from the night before.

Both our Online Banking and Online for Business have the capability to download transactions to Quicken or Quickbooks.

Helpful Links to Get Started

Bill Payment

CNB’s Bill Payment offers the convenience of paying all your bills from one website, as well as the ability to track your payments. In addition, payments don’t come out of your account until the scheduled due date, making it easier for you to plan ahead.

Bill Payment Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Log into Online Banking. (You must be enrolled in Online Banking to use Bill Payment.)
  2. Select the checking account you want to pay from.
  3. Click on the Bill Payment button at the top of the screen.
  4. After reading the Terms and Conditions, click I Agree.

Yes. There is a dropdown list at the top of the Payment Center.

Select the payees you want to pay from one checking account and submit the payments.
Choose the second checking account you wish to make a payment from in the dropdown list, select payees and submit again.

Bill Payment offers a nickname feature.

  1. Go to Manage My Bills.
  2. Choose the payee.
  3. Select Update Bill Information.
  4. Add a nickname to the biller. The nickname can be anything you choose.
    For instance, you can create a FARM ACCOUNT nickname so you know to pay that payee from your farm checking account.

You can easily transfer funds from one checking account to another with an internal transfer in Online Banking.

Electronic Payment: Your scheduled payment will show as a debit on your account the following morning if it was processed as an (ACH) Electronic Payment.

Draft Check: If it was sent as a Draft Check then the debit on your account will show when the vendor has processed your payment and the check has been processed.

If you have questions regarding the payment process, please call 877-242-6934.

Contact the Bill Payment support line at 877-242-6934 for assistance in getting your automatic payment set up properly.

If you change that payment date to one less than four days in the future, it will ask if you want it sent via overnight mail for a fee of $14.95. If you select yes, the fee will be assessed. To avoid this, be sure to schedule all payments at least four days in advance of their due date.

For questions regarding adding a new payee, contact the Bill Payment support line at 877-242-6934.

No. It is not possible to pay off a loan online. Please contact your local office to complete this transaction.

Account Alerts

Set up alerts to manage your CNB accounts more effectively. Choose what to be alerted about, how to receive your alerts (email, text, or push notifications), and where you receive alerts (mobile device or email).

Account Alerts Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Click the Alerts button in Online Banking.
  2. Choose Alert Options.
  3. Choose which alert you want to enroll in from the dropdown of each category.
  4. Select if you want the alert sent to your email, mobile phone, secure inbox, or as an app notification.
  5. Click Save.

Alerts are delivered in real-time.

  • BALANCE: Account balance below threshold. Be notified when your account balance falls below the amount
    you choose.
  • TRANSACTION: Deposit was credited to an account. Be notified every time your account receives a deposit.
  • TRANSACTION: Recent transactions. Review all transactions from your account for the past 72 hours. Schedule the alert to be sent one or multiple days a week. This alert is recommended for email distribution for easiest reading. Text alerts will not provide the transaction information.
  • TRANSACTION: Card transaction over threshold amount. Set an upper threshold to easily track larger transactions completed with your debit card and help monitor fraud.
  • LOANS: Loan payment due at billing. Receive a reminder when an upcoming payment is due on an account.
  • Address was changed
  • Interest was paid to an account
  • CD is approaching maturity
  • Check number XXXX cleared
  • ACH deposit (credit) transaction
  • ACH withdrawal (debit) over threshold amount
  • Recent transactions
  • Scheduled balance
  • Account balance above threshold
  • Account balance below threshold
  • Credit transaction was posted
  • Transaction equal to threshold amount
  • Card transaction over threshold amount
  • Scheduled balance
  • Loan payment due at billing or Scheduled loan payment is due (automatic payment)
  • Loan is past due
  • Payment was posted to a loan
  • ACH deposit (credit) transaction
  • ACH withdrawal (debit) over threshold amount
  • Scheduled balance

My Credit Score

You can check your credit score in less than five minutes by logging into our online or mobile banking app.

My Credit Score Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Log into Online Banking.
  2. On the right-hand side, there will be an offer to view your credit score.
  3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions. This will allow the application to access your information through the credit bureau, Trans Union.
  4. Your credit score will pop up each time you’re logged in to Online Banking.

Along with the score, the My Credit Score application offers a lot of valuable information to aid you in understanding what makes up you’re credit score, what affects it, and ways you can potentially improve it.

Additionally, there will be opportunities for you to apply for other products through CNB based on your credit score information, such as home loanshome equity lines of credit, and credit cards.

Once you agree to the terms and conditions in Online Banking, you will be able to view your credit score every time you log into Online Banking.

My Credit Score is accessing your credit information from Trans Union.

Your credit score is based on several factors which include your payment history, credit utilization, your mix of credit, and recent credit activity.

  • It is a good indicator of financial responsibility.
  • You are more likely to get approved for a loan.
  • Helps you qualify for lower interest rates, saving you money.
  • Pay bills promptly
  • Pay down credit card debt
  • Use different kinds of credit
  • Hang onto old cards
  • Apply for new credit carefully

Watching for things like new accounts opened, changes in address, or anything else that looks off will help you prevent identity theft.

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