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Avoid Physical Contact – Use Mobile Wallets!

Concerned about physical contact at the store? Wave and pay with your mobile phone and avoid having to key in your PIN at checkout with mobile wallets.

By loading your CNB Visa credit or debit card into your mobile wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay) you’re able to safely pay for items by simply waving your mobile phone in front of the card reader at stores and restaurants that accept mobile payments. The information from your card is encrypted as it’s transmitted making it actually safer to use than swiping your card at a terminal. And, by not having to key in your PIN or sign the screen you eliminate the need to touch something so many others have touched throughout the day.

According to Steve Cocheo, Executive Editor of The Financial Brand, “In the typical day, someone may make a half a dozen payments – Starbucks, the gas station, lunch, dry cleaners, grocery store, restaurants, etc… But there is almost no traditional payment mechanism that doesn’t expose both parties – the payer and the payee – to the risk of a COVID-19 infection. Digital options such as paying with a mobile device provide a safe alternative to cash or cards.”

Using mobile wallets is easy. Simply choose which app you’d like to use, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay, and load it to your phone. Within the app, upload your CNB Visa credit and debit cards.

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