Access your CNB accounts online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

We offer the latest in account safety including multi-factor authentication and encryption. You may initiate transactions from any computer with internet access.


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Powerful business
banking tools at
your fingertips!

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  • View Real-time Account Information
  • View Consolidated Account Info
    Owners of multiple businesses, or those customers who wish to view both their business and personal accounts at the same time, can access all of their accounts on one screen.
  • Control Employee Access
    You will have the ability to grant and limit employee access to specific types of fund transfers and payments. For your security, Citizens National Bank issues User IDs and additional Security Measures to each user. We ask that employees do not share User IDs or additional Security Measures.
  • Pay Bills and Suppliers
    Bill payment and ACH capabilities make Online for Business the only online service business customers need to pay bills and manage accounts.
  • Schedule Transfers
    You'll have the flexibility to create recurring transfers and schedule internal fund transfers in advance.
  • Point-and-Click Image Access
    You'll have point-and-click access to images of checks, deposit slips and other transaction-related documents.
  • Same Day ACH Available for Small Business and Deluxe Packages
    Additional fees may apply
  • Pre-Paid Reloadable Cards for Employees for Payroll



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ACH Manager
Allows you to create
electronic payments
and deposits.

Watch our Video Tutorial.


Citizens National Bank offers 4 packages of Online for Business which provide additional functionality depending upon your business needs.

  1. Basic Package - Included free of charge with any business checking account.
  2. Basic Plus - Initiate domestic and international wires yourself without having to go to the bank.
  3. Small Business - Use Online for Business to manage your state and federal tax payments as well as initiate direct deposit of payroll for your employees with limited ACH access, or Vendor Payments.
  4. Deluxe - Includes all the functionality of the previous packages in addition to full ACH capability, including electronic vendor payments and returns.


Ask about our options for smaller businesses


Features Basic Basic Plus Small Business Deluxe
Image Retrieval Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transaction Search Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transaction Export Yes Yes Yes Yes
E-Statements Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stop Payments Yes Yes Yes Yes
CNB Account Transfers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bill Payment Yes Yes Yes Yes
Merchant Capture Yes Yes Yes Yes
Expense Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Domestic Wires   Yes Yes Yes
International Wires   Yes Yes Yes
Federal Tax Payments     Yes Yes
State Tax Payments     Yes Yes
Direct Deposit Payroll     Yes Yes
ACH Electronic Payments       Yes
External Transfers / Cash Consolidation       Yes
ACH Vendor Deposit     Yes Yes
ACH Returns     Yes Yes
Same Day ACH     Yes Yes


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