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Credit Goals – New Feature Available through My Credit Score

Is one of your goals this year to improve your credit score? You may not be one of the 1.3% of consumers that have a perfect 850 credit score, but you may be one of the 48% of US consumers who are trying to improve yours. The first step is to understand your current score. There are several factors that affect your score including credit utilization (the amount of credit you’re using vs. how much you have access to) and if you’re making on-time payments. You can easily see where you stand with these by using My Credit Score within CNB’s online and mobile banking. Once enrolled, you’ll have access to your score and the breakdown of what’s most affecting it.

There’s now a new feature within My Credit Score called Goals. If logging in from the CNB mobile app, choose My Credit Score, then the Goals tab. From here you’ll see your current credit score and can specify what you would like your credit score to be. Once determined, you’ll see a progress tracker each time you log in, along with recommendations for how to improve your score. This along with the Simulator, also available within the My Credit Score section, are great tools to visualize how applying for new credit or paying down existing debt will affect your credit score.

My Credit Score is free and checking your credit through it never affects your score. Enroll today!

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