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Gift Giving Trend – Experiences on the Rise

As we head into the holiday season and begin thinking about our shopping list, more of us are considering sharing experiences rather than wrapping up physical presents this year. According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, the pandemic showed the instability of any long-term plans related to health, work or day-to-day life, so people are spending on once-in-a-lifetime experiences. According to Rachel Wolfe for the Journal, “they worry they may not be able to do them later,” so they’re cutting back saving now and using those funds to share experiences with loved ones.

On the flip side, with increased inflation this year and less disposable income, many people are choosing time spent with loved ones together in place of purchasing expensive gifts.

Whichever way you look at it, making memories is a popular trend for the holiday season. Check out some of the top experience gifts according to Cosmopolitan magazine:

  • Dream Vacation Home Rental – Airbnb has an “OMG” tab that’ll show you some of the coolest homes ever. Book a weekend trip or spend the holidays together in a unique place.
  • Eat What You Watch Cookbook – This book contains 40 dishes seen in iconic films. Make an evening of it by watching the film and buying the ingredients to cook the matching dish together for a cozy at-home experience.
  • REI Events Moonlight Hike – Treat the outdoorsy person in your life to a fun moonlit adventure. They can enjoy a guided 3-hour hike, experiencing the beauty of nature after dark. REI provides headlamps, flashlights and a great time under the stars. Hikes start at $59.
  • The Adventure Challenge Couples Camera Set – Invite your significant other to go on a series of “adventures” with you. The book will be your guide – you just won’t know exactly what adventure you’re about to go on until you scratch it off. It even comes with a little film camera to document your experiences.
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