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Family Game Night Can Be a Fun Way to Teach Kids About Money

Later bedtimes and long summer nights give you more time to spend with your kids. A fun family game night is a great way to incorporate teaching kids about money in a way that they’ll enjoy. Here’s a list of WiseBread’s top 6 picks for games that teach financial skills and might get them interested in investing, saving and spending wisely.

  1. Pay Day – A classic, this game instructs on the fundamentals of budgeting and helps encourage an entrepreneurial spirit.
  2. Dave Ramsey’s ACT Your Wage! – If you’re a fan of Dave Ramsey’s money principles, this game could be a fun way to introduce your children to the same method of thinking. The four steps of the game focus on becoming debt-free.
  3. Charge Large – This game helps kids see that using credit cards is simple, but eventually will lead to expensive debt if they don’t use their cards wisely.
  4. Cash Flow for Kids – Best for ages 6-12, this game teaches the difference between assets and liabilities.
  5. Net Worth – A simple card game, the goal is to collect financial assets and get out of debt.
  6. Daytrader – Similar to Monopoly, but at a faster pace. It simulates the stock market and helps teach young and old alike how the market works.
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